Godric Zagari


Cold, distant and sharp. Godric Zagari comes from an unknown place, summoned by the Unholy book of Creation of Kailuth, god of Death. Clamming ownership of the book, Godric stepped forward trough the obscure gates but to his surprise agents from a former enemy group identified as “The Cabal” were within the area.

Having succeed on recovering his “property”, he marched through an army of spider aberrations as he was summoned within the halls of an ancient temple dedicated to the Abyssal Goddess Anannis, but when you are an herald of the void itself few things scared you.

As a “token of gratitude” to the inferiors who summoned him, he left a minion, a corruption of unknown potential for them to dispose.

A mistery cloacked within royal clothes and ancient voice… few souls could say what this presence means and what dark deeds he is plotting to the world.

Godric Zagari

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