Laren Karnakchi

King of Termoli


Laren Karnakchi was a king of Termoli a forgotten kingdom of the underdark.
In the remote epoch of the Astromundi Wars frictions between the elemental plane of fire and earth created fluctuations on the magical veil, many effect took place within several eras and thus his race was born, creatures of steel and great power. But with all their amazing gifts they were victims of the powers of chaos and so none two of this creatures will ever exist within their own sight, battle ting to extinction until only one remains.

Long after that, Laren was born from the remains of this great collisions and by chance was send throughout the astral plane and fell to the material universe. Destiny took him to the infernal fires of the devilish city of Ruljasyth, he was greet with torture and pain to this world. After years of suffering he escaped the pit prisons deep within the Ohador mountains. His first steps within the world took him to travel the North Continents, facing his kind for the first time. Born in hell on earth, he battle his foe with madly strength, beating his enemy to death and beyond. He leap forward to the roads but cities were hostile places to him so he march to the north, following the steps of the great mountains.

Chaos once again surprised Laren for he encounter a group of small but organized people, dedicated to perfection and peace of mind from the first light of the sun. Facinated by the arts of combat and their discipline, Laren learned from the wises masters, in the temples of the Kai-Lim order, the art of becoming a living weapon and his faith for ever bound to Kusanagi, god of Rain and Swordfighting. Peace was brought to his mind and he met joy but it was no long that he was bound to leave this place and explore the world with his new faith and perspective. Travels took him to the middle contintens and met, in the Goran forests, his kind once again. Training prevent him to fall pray to chaos and war but his opponent, mad and wild by its craving for war, charge to him proving one simple truth…his kind was not ment to be in this plane, too dangerous for others and to themselves.

In a hard choice of live, he sworn an oath to exterminate his kind in order to preserve the balance and lifes of this foreign world. A long hunt to battle his peers took him in a journey of several hundred years proving his weapons skills and will of mind to be superior. After fulfilling his destiny he return to the Kai-Lim temples and was order to guard one of 188 paths of the Underdark, to prevent a different darkness that long ago came to this world but remain dormant within the deep cores of this earth.

Loyal to his order and faith, he knew that his masters will direct his power to balance. Reaching his ultimate path deep within caves in the desert, he found ancient portals back from the Astromundi-War ages, unpowered but still strong…indestructible by mortal or magical means and with the potential to travel to other worlds within the material universe. Fearing the worst Laren build up a city stone by stone to cover the portal and to remain vigilant of the dormant enemy that will eventually clain its power. Prosper and just, Laren became King and a beacon of fairness in the dark shadows of the Underdark, and thus the Great City of Termoril known to its paths.

But darkness rises and chaos always finds a way of his own, invincible in hand to hand combat…betrayal was the one weapon Laren was not prepared to. The dormant power arose from the deep in the form of dark surreal creatures of great mental and psychic power, a fearless enemy … The Mindflayers. But his army was one trained in the arts of the ancient masters of the Kai-Lim, and resisted the corruption of their minds. But the dark tentacles of the enemy reach one of Larens commanders, the young drider-sorcerer named Talure, seduced by the great illusions of power and foreign magic she betray Laren teaching the enemy the weak spots of his teachings and army.

Destruction came and soon others fall prey to the power the enemy; alone, with his city in ruins
and with a handfull of warriors Laren marched in a final charge against his own people,dominated by the army of the mindflayers. Defeat was imminent, and the great king Laren was inprisoned by the power of Talure’s goddess Anannis, forever in ice to dream of his defeat…..until now.

Laren Karnakchi

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