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“…They have their suspicions. But whatever they may think. The truth is far more terrible…They have no idea what is to come…Darkness rises…”

Welcome to WD-World, please be advice that you may lose yourself within the dark truths involving this story, madness and oblivion lurks in the shadows of this places. Let me begin by telling you that this is an open campaign, which means players(which I refer to as the damned) literally have no real ties to anyplace and can explore the world as they see fit or choose adventures according to their own plans, alignments and believes, as they progress over the story their actions may change the course of history and maybe the entire world as they know it. However the world is dynamic and in constant movement, wars are fought, mysteries revealed and as always evil never sleeps. Please feel free to explore my wiki as you’ll find some info is available for everyone and some kept for damned eyes only.

  • Forces
  • Energies
  • Channels
  • Materials
  • Creations
  • Dimensions
  • Frontiers
  • Beyond

  • Critical Failure Table
  • World Events Table
  • Destiny Events Table
  • History and Destiny points
  • No Resurrection Spell (you will have to deal with death…or its reapers)
  • Most of this tale is based on rules from Dungeons & Dragons v.3.5

Main Page

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