Hi to all :)

ThankU for visiting my Campaign WD World. This site is dedicated to the development of worlds of fantasy, characters, tales, adventures and history created by me, WillingDeformity. For details of my Campaing please visit my Wiki.

At this time the entire site is in development but I wont be using the MAP section, you can check my maps in the “Locations” section @wiki

A quick note: please excuse any typos or spelling errors as english is not my native language, I promise I’ll do my best.

The idea of this Campaign comes from long hours of meditation, some weird nightmares and mostly by the fact that I love building entire scenarios with crazy plots and secrets.

SO, after reading quite the number of books and receiving some excellent suggestions from friends about this topic, I was ready to build my own set, mostly because I wasnt satisfied with the regular “MEGAGOD creates minigods and this minigods created live and so on and so on”, I’m a guy who likes the possibility of Chaos, “the Chance” of getting something wrong even if you have thought of every possible-angle, there’s is always the “unexpected”, the “unforeseen consequences” (Yes this is a HL reference :wink: :wink:).

I would like to thank my Dungeon Masters, because of them I know today what little I could master: Gerald “The White”, Ivan “Lord Ao”, Masaro “Ulfgars”.

If you know any Spanish at all please visit my blog: Willing-Deformity-Blog

I welcome all CONSTRUCTIVE suggestions, please keep in mind that my only interest is to develop imagination, which I believe has no limit; and with that I welcome you to my world…


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